Audition Information

Audition Information

 Please contact our personnel chair at [email protected] to arrange an audition time. Once you have scheduled   an audition, please download and complete our Auditions Form and bring it with you to the audition.

 The Frederick Chorale embraces the philosophy that communication in performance is facilitated primarily through beautiful choral tone that is achieved through healthy, expressive singing. Rehearsals are a laboratory in which the singers absorb the music and learn healthy singing habits that are the foundation of an expressive performance.

We seek confident singers who are capable and comfortable in a fast-paced learning environment and are willing to commit the necessary personal time to be prepared for all rehearsals and performances. Our audition process is comprehensive in scope. It is intended to discover the musical strengths of each candidate and to determine if the candidate will be an appropriate fit for the ensemble. We do not expect every candidate will be equally strong in all areas that are evaluated, but that they are capable of self-assessment and self-improvement where needed.

 AUDITION PROCESS (about 20-minutes duration)

1) Perform a prepared solo of the candidate’s personal choice. It should be a song that the candidate knows well and can perform with ease. It may be performed with piano accompaniment or may be sung a cappella. The candidate must bring a printed score for any music that requires piano accompaniment. A piano accompanist will be provided. Objective: To determine the candidate’s level of musicianship on music of his/her own choosing.

2) Rhythmic sight singing. The candidate will be provided with printed music, without a melody, showing only common rhythms in a variety of meter signatures. Objective: To determine the candidate’s ability to accurately articulate rhythmic values at a given tempo.

3) Melodic sight singing. The candidate will be provided a printed melody in a major key that conforms to his/her vocal range. Objective: To determine the candidate’s ability to accurately articulate melodic intervals and rhythmic values at a given tempo.

4) Aural recall. Repeating (singing back) a melodic phrase that is introduced on the piano, then repeated without piano accompaniment. Objective: Pitch acuity and accuracy of musical memory.

5) Harmonic awareness. Repeating (singing back) all the pitches of a three-part chord that is played on the piano. Objective: To determine the candidate’s ability to hear and sing back particular pitches of a given harmony, which is fundamental to holding one’s own part in choral singing.

6) Quartet singing. The candidate will sing his/her part of a well-known hymn in a quartet setting involving the section leaders of The Frederick Chorale. Objective: To determine the candidate’s ability to hold his/her own part and to sing in a manner that blends well with the other voices of the quartet.



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